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Aquavision is an award-winning British designer and retailer of premium TVs that are designed to survive in any environment. Their innovative collections allow consumers to turn any room into an immersive viewing experience, regardless of weather conditions. With options ranging from waterproof models and dynamic water displays, there is something to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Aquavision understands that the right TV can make a huge difference to any setting, so they work hard to ensure each product is made with British design excellence. 

Why Choose An Aquavision TV?

Aquavision is the premiere name in waterproof, bathroom-ready television sets. Aquavision's frameless designs are perfect for uncluttered interior spaces and feature sophisticated, in-wall installations. Aquavision gives customers access to top tier televisions that can be placed in any environment - one that provides protection from dust, moisture and steam or just with an entire wall of watching pleasure. Aquavision also offers superb customer service and a five year product warranty on each unit. So if you're looking for a perfect water-resistant TV fit for any occasion and with unbeatable quality and customer support Aquavision should be your go-to choice.

Who is Aquavision?

Aquavision is a unique company that specializes in waterproof televisions for the home, office, and even outdoors. Aquavision's vision is to revolutionize the way people experience entertainment by creating televisions that can withstand water or humidity without sacrificing quality. Aquavision works with an experienced team to bring their innovative creations to life, so viewers can enjoy movies, shows, sports, and more in new places. Aquavision also ensures high performance by rigorously testing their products against weather exposure and environment changes before they reach your home. With Aquavision's superior waterproof designs, customers can be sure they're making an investment that will last for years to come.

Aquavision Frameless TV

Aquavision is the leading source for state-of-the-art frameless televisions. Aquavision's frameless TV designs come in three distinct models – Genesis, Nexus, and Pinnacle – depending on your size and viewing preferences. Aquavision TVs boast top-of-the-line picture quality and viewing angles, ensuring maximum clarity from any location in the room. With Aquavision's intuitive design they are easy to install, saving you time and hassle when setting them up in your home or office. Aquavision's sleek designs offer a modern look that will complement any décor while blending seamlessly into the environment. Make Aquavision your choice for a superior frameless television experience!

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