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Apollo Radiators

Apollo Radiators

Distinctive modern design at en everyday price is the hall mark of these radiators. They can be used all over the house and not just as bathroom radiators. Ergonomically shaped masterpieces that can be supplied in white, chrome or even with a stainless steel finish to resist rusting for a longer life.

Why Choose Apollo Radiators

Stunning European Design

Based in Gloucester, England, Apollo radiators draw inspiration from across Europe.

High Quality Materials

Apollo use high quality metals in their radiators to ensure you get a solid, durable addition to your room. Luxurious chrome, nickel and gold finishes give an elegant feel.

Versatile Styling

From traditional three column radiators to brushed stainless steel radiators, an apollo radiator is sure to become a focal point in any room. The radiators have been designed to fit with a wide range of Apollo valves meaning a perfect valve can be found for your style.

Value for Money

Apollo cater for a range of price points, while achieving a stunning quality across the board. From highly affordable chrome towel rail radiators to pristine brushed stainless steel radiators Apollo can provide a stylish, useful addition to a room on any budget.

Fuel Options

Apollo radiators and towel warmers feature various fuel options, whether it is dual fuel or electric. This allows Apollo to offer premium heating solutions for any room, no matter how accessible it is.

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